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Established in 2009, Star Services LLC is a woman-Owned company with over 20 years experience in the Facility Management and Service Industry. Our greatest strength lies in creating partnerships and assessing our client's needs. With a customized planned approach from start to finish, we will review your objectives, understand the scope of the work, and define the deliverable services. Our commitment is to provide exceptional service based on our experience, performance and long-lasting relationships.

Janitorial Supplies
Safety Supplies
Personalized Service

Environmental Safe Cleaning

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Facilities We Provide Service To…


Customer Tailored Service: We provide tailored service in response to each of our customer’s needs.

Green Cleaning: Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.

Quality: We provide the best quality products on the market today!

238990 – All Other Specialty & Trade Contractors

423850 – Janitorial Equipment and Supplies

561210 – Facilities Support Service

561720 – Janitorial Services

561790 – Other Building Services


MDOT MBE 17-385

SDDD MBE 17-12771

CBE#: LSDZ27884082019

DCSS Contract#: CW42287

WMATA#: LD2016-0114-2019

MWAA Certified

State DCAM-16-NC-0023 &